In the heart of the urban fortress of staid social correctness,  

at the hub of the world, on the solid ground of rocketing high- rise triumphant opportunism,

latent insanity penetrates those who enjoy its fruits.

Awakening among wrinkled pillows of reality, 

I think I saw, through the prism 

of a mirage, all those years

 in the homeland, 

an echo of my childhood 

in post - mandatory Haifa;

words like “King's Way” 

and "Check Post" rise from 

submerged deep waters of past life experiences. 

A new serenity flickers and spreads within me:

Rules and obligations of the heart 

rise up through a shattered existential floor;

my soul wriggles free as the nameless burden 

of the black-ice glacier of loss slowly melts; 

I yearn for a routine far from post - traumatic mental emergencies

forged in childhood; convalescing from a rootless journey

I try, with spirit and imagination, 

to spin a day worth living to the end.

Photo by  Gabriel Santiago

Photo by Gabriel Santiago